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In most cases, the best answer to your server needs. One of Debian's few flaws is the sparseness of its commercial support. In many cases, deploying Debian GNU/Linux creates additional costs as your staff spends time away from primary duties learning the intricacies of this robust distribution.

Daily Data fills that void by offering commercial support for Debian GNU/Linux (and other operating systems) from a company that has been involved in the deployment and maintenance of GNU/Linux since 1994. Whether your needs are a simple Samba file server to integrate with your Windows workgroup, or a full Xen virtual server using iSCSI storage and offering database, web and e-mail services, Daily Data is your one stop shop for Debian assistance. If we do not know the answer, we can find it out. Always with the most cost effective solution for the client.

One of your first stops can be the wiki we are deploying at Linux Server Tech where many, up to date answers to common problems can be found. If you do not find what you want in this wiki (and it is a work in progress), submit a Topic Request and we will attempt to add your topic as time permits.

Finally, we offer paid services. Some of our clients need only occasional support, preferring to pay the low hourly rate or a flat bid for assistance in training or work on an as needed basis. Other clients request full maintenance contracts, choosing to have Daily Data to design, deploy and maintain their systems. Whatever your need, Daily Data has a support plan to meet them.

While Daily Data primarily targets small to medium businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area of Texas in the United States, through the power of the Internet we maintain clients from across the United States, and even as far away as Ukraine. We can visit on-site, or walk you through the initial install to the point where our technicians can log in and remotely complete the more complex stages of implementation without the added expense of on site visits.

Daily Data, Debian level support for Debian Systems.

Daily Data also offers support for various other GNU/Linux distributions and, on a more limited basis, Windows and OSX. Tasks requiring greater knowledge of Microsoft and/or Apple operating systems will be handled by a member of our cultivated network of IS professionals specializing in those fields.